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    company culture

    ● Enterprise ideal
    "Sustainable management, industrial newspaper" to find the gap, foundation, strong strength, industry, value, do not admire the vanity of flamboyant, not opportunistic, believe in the reward of heaven and earth; the development of enterprises and national prosperity and national prosperity, together, and try to do an enterprise's meager strength. Relying on a great ideal and a noble spirit, we gather together a group of fellow travelers to make brilliant achievements. Balance short-term survival and long-term development, form excellent capital portfolio, and cultivate long-term vitality of enterprises.

    ● Corporate responsibility
    To the shareholders: to create economic value;
    To employees:Ensure safety and health, provide development platform and share development achievements.
    To the customer: to increase the value of the customer;
    - to the government: increase tax revenue;
    To society: to take good care of the environment, to participate in public welfare and charitable cause;
    - to the supplier: mutually beneficial partners.
    ●Organizational climate
    Equality, initiative, cooperation, pragmatism, honesty and righteousness.