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    we believe that technology  and innovation are important driving forces  for the deuelopment of the new world , and that innovation can create value.   Yiran Company is committed to focus on providing customers with  innovative  , high-quality , and reliable high-tech products . We actively deepen  the development of core technologies , optimize the product cost , and  emphasize  the new creativity and security of products to meet the increasing  demand of the market .  Yitian Company  has made a number of  innovative upgradings in improving the  fire-proof , flame retardant , LSOH , nuclear-grade  and marine materials . The company now has a  large number of technical experts and R & D  talents , as well as dozens of intellectual property  nights ; and Yitian Company adheres to the  traditions of independent innovation and pursuit  of excellence , continuously invests in R & D in  the field of users'  critical application , brings the  latest research results from the laboratory to the  market , and transforms them into productivity to  improve people's work and life.