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    Quality assurance

    1. More reassuring professional authority, recognition from the national testing organization 

    A good product must have not only excellent quality but also approval and selection by more users after recognition of the professional  authoritative testing organizations.  Annually , Yitian Company are professionally tested by three big inspection bodies including Shanghai  Electric Cable Research Institute , National Fireproof Building Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center , Beijing Product Quality  Supervision and Inspection Institute , which not only shows that the company strictly control the product quality and implement the  professional testing of product quality , but also symbolizes that the products of the company are recognized by the authoritative quality  Inspection institutions .

     Yitian ensure that each product is of high quality with authoritative recognition.

      2 . Pacific Insurance Company underwrites the product quality liability insurance

    In 2010 , our company signed an agreement with China Pacific Property Insurance Company to underwrite the product quality liabiity  insurance for series of products of " YITIAN " brand , such as fire-proof mica tape , LSOH flame-retardant tape , etc . The signing of the  insurance policy indicates the serious and responsible attitude of Yitian Company toward the customers , but also a spur on the company  itself .  

    Yitian is the first manufacturer which wins product insurance in the industry .