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    Description of the type and characteristics of mica tape used in cables


    The refractory mica strip is a kind of refractory insulating material, which can be divided into: the motor is used with refractory mica belt and fire-resistant mica tape. The structure is divided into two parts: double-sided belt, single-sided belt, three-way belt, double film belt, single film belt, etc. According to mica, it can be divided into: synthetic mica belt, gold mica tape and white mica tape.

    Normal temperature performance: the synthetic mica belt is the best, the white mica is secondary, the gold mica belt is poor.

    High temperature insulation performance: the synthetic mica belt is the best, the golden mica belt is inferior, the white mica belt is poor.

    High temperature resistant performance: synthetic mica tape fluorine gold mica tape, excluding water of crystallization, melting point 1375 ℃, safety margin is large, high temperature resistant performance is best, phlogopite in releasing the crystallization water above 800 ℃, 600 ℃ high temperature resistant performance times, white mica release water of crystallization, high temperature resistant performance is poorer.

    Refractory mica tape for fire-resistant cable

    Refractory mica is a kind of high performance mica insulation products with excellent high temperature resistance and combustion resistance. The powder mica belt has a good softness and is suitable for the main refractory insulation layer in all kinds of fire-resistant cables. The product is not only effective but also very safe.

    1 synthetic mica refractory mica tape

    The synthetic mica is an artificial mica which is synthesized in the normal pressure condition by replacing the hydroxyl group with fluorine ion. The synthetic mica tape is the main material of mica paper made from synthetic mica, and then the glass cloth is bonded with adhesive