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    double glass fiber cloth back

    Phlogopite mica paper with double glass fiber colth backed.(GP)


    Fire-proof secure electric cables with Phlogopite tape belonging to mica tape of  Phlogopite Series , is a high-performance insulation products . It uses high-quality Phlogopite  Paper as base material , and fiberglass fabric cloth or film as single or double-sided as reinforcing material. using bonding agent to conglutinate , uniform baking by high temperature , it is a ribbon  products cut by a special cutting machine. It has excellent quality of thermostable Performance  and fame resistance




    unit request
    Reinforcement of glass cloth Reinforcement 
    of film
    Reinforcement of
     glass cloth/film
    Max (mm) ±0.03
    average (mm) ±0.01
    mm 4、5、 6、 8、 10、 15 ±0.01 (customized)
    20、 25、 30、 35 ±0.02 (customized) 
    mm 250mm±20mm
    N/10mm ≥60
    MV/m ≥30 ≥30 ≥30
    ≥25 ≥40 ≥40
    Ω.m ≥1.0x1010
    Ω ≥1.0x106
    A(950-1000℃),burning time 190 mins


    Describtion Model specification
    synthetic mica tape with single glass fiber colth backed 542-4D(G) 542-4D(G) Width: 4mm~100mm
    I.D. :53mm
    synthetic mica tape with double glass fiber colth backed 542-4S(G) 542-4S(G) Width: 4mm~100mm
    I.D. :53mm
    synthetic mica tape with glass fiber and film backed 542-4S(G/P) 542-4S(G/P) Width: 4mm~100mm
    I.D. :53mm