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    glass fiber cloth back

    muscovite mica paper with glass fiber colth backed.GM


    The calcined mica paper made from the high temperature calcining of the crystalline water and impurities in the mica was prepared by high temperature calcination, and then it was made from the alkali free glass fiber cloth. The silica gel content in the mica tape is higher than that of the ordinary mica tape. It can be sintered into shell at high temperature and is not easy to fall off. It can improve the passing rate of the cable combustion test.




    unit request
    Reinforcement of glass cloth Reinforcement 
    of film
    Reinforcement of
     glass cloth/film
    Max (mm) ±0.03
    average (mm) ±0.01
    mm 4、5、 6、 8、 10、 15 ±0.01 (customized)
    20、 25、 30、 35 ±0.02 (customized) 
    mm 250mm±20mm
    N/10mm ≥60
    MV/m ≥30 ≥30 ≥30
    ≥25 ≥40 ≥40
    Ω.m ≥1.0x1010
    Ω ≥1.0x106
    A(950-1000℃),burning time 190 mins


    Describtion Model specification
    muscovite mica tape with single Phlogopite mica tape 540-3D(G) 540-3D(G) Width: 4mm~100mm
    I.D. :53mm
    muscovite mica tape with single synthetic  mica tape 540-1D(G) 540-1D(G) Width: 4mm~100mm
    I.D. :53mm